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Flat Bottom Firing Pin stops

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Project #4 Flat Bottom Firing Pin Stops
Well its been a while coming due to time work etc a small project but one that i think will be interesting

Now if you have read the 1911 forums you have probley heard of the flat bottom firing pin stop from EGW

Depending on who ya read this thing does nothing to best thing since sliced bread ..

One thing that is a good thing, is you have to fit it its oversized and i mean oversized ..Also if you do this only do one a day your fingers will thanks you trust me

Also ya do a Les Baer use the Series 80 one it makes fitting a lot easier..

Ok So what does the firing pin stop do? Well its name gives part of it away but it also does 2 other things it cock's the hammer and also alters timing ..

The flatter the stop the slower the slide is supposed to run as there is less leverage for it to cock the hammer..Also in running slower the timing is slowed down...

In theory this will slow down muzzle whip..

The Guns i chose are a Springfield Loaded one of the 1911's I've had the longest and been shot a ton ..

In the pic its the left stop sorry i tried 20 different shots of a close up of it and it never came out .. But as you see it has a big radius

Thats from a 5" gun

now the Middle is from my Les Baer Concept VIII it is a 4 1/4 inch barrel or commander size..

I do notice and have commented to OD and Qkshooter that the radius is a lot smaller than the springer or colts and recoil feels different but not reduced..

Then the last is the Flat bottom stop as you see..

A Small radius is recommended but you do not have to have it if your gun will run on it flat ..

So being the show me guy i am im going totally flat

The other test guns are a Colt Commander 4 1/4 to compare to the baer yeah i know the baer is tighter but figured i was gonna put the stop in one shot a lot ..

The Springer is going up against the Les Baer Concept III 5" in the beginning i wont shoot groups for fell and am hoping i can get one of the shooters i shot with a lot to help me out for feel also he has shot my baer's a decent amount so know the feel..

everything is gonna be shot with 230 Ball

After a shooting for feel i might change the pin stop out for the factory to see if the groups improve at speed or a quicker recovery with the Flat bottom ..

So hopefully the test will be friday

I would thinking of putting one in the Kimber but the 4" Bull Barrel to 4 1/4 Barrel wasn't a Apple to Apple Comparison


Anyone have any other ideals? Sorry don't have a 3" to try i would be uber interested to try it out in a 3"
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This was posted from OD else where
Nice write-up Bud.

I have done the original radius (.078") FPS on two Colt pistols, and my 1913 has the small radius FPS as original equipment (radius changed to 7/32" in January 1918). To be honest, I didn't experience much change (tested two 1991 Colt's, one with the factory FPS and the other with the EGW, and both with new 16lbs. recoil springs). I plan on ordering a couple more, one for the OACP to see if it would make any difference in it and because I like a tight FPS to alleviate any clocking of the extractor.
I left out the Prevent Clocking of the extractor didn't I ?

I think where it will really shine but thats later tests are in a 10mm or 38 super with full power loads.

Also forgot to add the Racking of the slide hammer down is a lot stiffer.
Thanks Bud.

I'll share my limited knowledge.

My daughter first shots with a 1911 was my stock Para fs single stack.
She shot appx 100 rounds at an indoor range.
A few days latter we were shooting out back at home.

She shot one mag full and looked at me and said,

"dad it doesn't seem to kick as much when shooting out side"

She was shooting my RIA with FFPS and not the Para she shot a few days before.

maybe the lack of muzzle blast increaced by indoor shooting lane walls gave her that perception?
I donno.
But she surely noticed "something" different.

I haven't shot my Para in awhile, so i've become used to the Rock and it FFPS.
I'll grab the Para next time too and see I feel eny difference between the two

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Interesting thread, Bud.
I use EGW Firing Pin stops with a .60 raduis I put onthem and it works great.The
trick is fitting to stop the ejector from rotating.
yep it is I prefer flat
I make them fit so I just have to give them a slight pusg in not tight, most I have seen just drop right out , that does not help at all in the clocking.
Nope a sloppy fit doesnt prevent clocking
It does not all it does is stop it from clocking by fitting it snug , think about it how can that effect recoil, no logic to it .
I only throw on a 062 Rad. on mine to break the edge. in a 4 1/4 i use noe and there is no recoil change at all, Think of how a 1911 works, how can a stop effect recoil, just have to think.
It alters feel by delaying the slide somewhat
If the gun is stock and has a 23 lbs mainspring in it I agree if it has a 19 lbs one you won't feel the felt recoil I think Bud
no point in using a 19# mainspring it defeats the purpose
For the trigger pulls I want my Match guns to all have 19 Lbs Mainsprings in them that reduces the trigger pull a bit. See Bud I love this post!!
In a .45 I never go under a 15 Lbs mainspring and use them only for Bullseye Matches because they may fail in a S/D situtaion. My first round is always a H.P. when I am carrying. You also can go down on your trigger spring but best to use Fedral ammo they have the lightest primers. On my Recoil spring also never under a 15 Lbs I have friends that shoot SWC with a 12 LBS, but I would hate to lose a match for a failure.
I Don't Run anything light than 23# for SD unless it came that way from the Factory
I never carry any less then a 19lbs mainspring and a 16-18 1/2 lbs Recoil spring and a extra power firing pin always in all my guns for fighting hard primers such as S&B uses.
Sounds about like me

23# mainspring 16-18.5 Recoil Spring.. the only guns i know that have a 19# are the ones i have changed on range guns and my DW that comes with a 21# mainspring
Explains why DW pistols have a lighter trigger pull.
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