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After owning several Dan Wesson 1911's, I decided to "step up" and look at the Fusion's

I spent days drooling over the beautiful work that comes from Bob and his staff....... I had a hard time putting together exactly what I wanted, so I emailed Mr. Serva with lots of questions. He e mailed me back and we spoke on the phone several times. At no point did I feel like I was "bothering" Mr Serva, he was helpful and eager to build me exactly what I wanted.

So, after lots of consideration, I decided to go with a Bobtailed commander in 9mm.
Ion Bond Finish
SS small parts
Chainlink front strap
SS EGW bushing
Solid plug. I would like the bushing as flush as possible not crowned.
SS Ambi safety
Ribbed slide
Chainlink MSH
XS white post rear sight.
FO red front sight
Solid SS trigger
Pro series "carry comm" tool steel hammer
Slim bushings/screws
Grips. Red satin/thin
2 additional mags

Mr. Serva's quote was below what I expected.
For some reason this build has brought back the excitement of owning a well built 1911. I cant explain it, I am simply Happy. Best therapy of my life!

This is not my primary carry weapon.
I am interested in hearing people's thoughts on this particular build.

:flag: Fusion

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Congratulations! I know what you mean, I'm putting an order for mine to turn in next week.
That weapon sounds sweet! Isn't it nice to find someone that will put together a weapon the way YOU want it at a very reasonable price?
Are they going to start a build thread for you here or anywhere, so we can see pics as they go?
At least you've got us here to commiserate with you while you wait. Maybe ours will be done around the same time. We can lean on each other for support. :biggrin:

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Congratulations. I'm sure you'll be well pleased with your pistol.
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