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Fairly new mwmber

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Joined the forum last month. Have 20+ 1911's of different manufactures, some for collecting purposes, but all for shooters as well. Also collect military sniper rifles that were used in combat since WWI, and old west antiques and reproductions. 22 1/2 years of military experiece taught me that quality firearms are in most cases expensive for a reason. If you want the best, it will cost you, one way or the other. I have purchased two custom 1911's from Bob & Fusion Firearms, and currently having one more in production. I was turned on to Fusion Firearms late last year, and if I want a new 1911, I generally contact Bob and have him build it to my spec's with his advise. This forum is very good, and there are alot of members with good, sound advise. Every one is very supportive of one in another, and alot of good information comes out of this forum. We all our very concerned, with the new president elect coming to power, but if we all stick together, and defend our 2nd ammendment right to bear arms, he will have a fight on his hands that he will never forget. Look back in histoy to other countries that had thier gun rights revoked, and look at what happen to the people themselves. This will never happen in our country while I still live, and have the ability to defend what's right by our constution. Good luck to all of us in our future to preserve an age old tradition. GOD BLESS our troops in far off lands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flag:
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Good to have you. I look forward to seeing what you have to say in the threads.

So do we get a rundown of all those 1911's?
Welcome & thank you for your 22.5yrs in the military.
I slept well last night because the young men you trained well are on the job.
Welcome to the forum capttom!!!:smile::flag:
Welcome here.
Welocme aboard.
1911's rundown, Fusion Scout XL LS, Fusion Pro Commander, Fusion "NCOM"(in build), Sig Prototype 1 of 2 made GSR, Sig Carry Nitron, Springfield Micro-Compact, Para OPS, Para Commander OD spec, S & W Gunsite, and over 15 Colt "US Property" 1911's ranging from the begining of US Military contracts, to thier demise, when round capacity became an issue over stopping power. Amazing enough, most special ops folks are issued 9MM, but they are generaly discarded for 45 acp anything on the high end. I personaly carried either a 1911 or Sig DA. Thanks for your intrest, Capttom !!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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