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well since you're such a smart ### how come you missed the date of the original post
I wasn't trying to be a "smart xxx". You asked a question, I tried to figure out what you were actually asking.

You are correct though. Neither I nor the fella who posted before me noted that the post was a year old. Maybe KayakerSteve drew the thread up from the archives. He posted a day or so before me. Are we both foolish for having taken your question for a good one?

Why didn't you come back and tell the rest of the story? Did you find the gun you were looking for? Why did you ask the question? Were you having trouble finding one? Did you not know how to have a store order one from a distributor or find one on line? Why did no one answer you a year ago?

Do it matter?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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