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Dan Wesson Pictures

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Post pictures of your DW's here
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First post in the new forum! Score!

Well,here they are,my three Dan Wessons. A black CBOB, bobtailed PM1, and an Aussie.

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Wow, really beautiful ones Zero. Thanks for joining us and sharing the pic's. I really like the Dw's. Is that black cbob by any chance a "severns"? It's really stunning.
They all look great TA.
I really like the front strap checkering on the PM1.
Welcome to the forum :)
Zero; I am truely impressed with your D.W pistols I see the work you done on them, job well done and good taste also. We need a full ragne report on how they shoot I have my eye on them now more then ever. :D
Hey, I think I recognize that black cbob. Didn't you have 2 ta's before?:)
Hello everyone,thanks for the welcome!

Without going into too much detail and making a huge post,all three have been excellent shooters. The CBOB in particular has been 100% reliable since day one. I had a failure-to-feed on the very first mag and no stoppages at all since then. Ever. But I've made sure to use good magazines,so I'm sure that helps a lot. And yes,it had a little work done from Mr. Dave Severns...in fact,chances are you might recognize all three of these pistols (and me!) from elsewhere...

So,am I the only guy here so far with DW's? :p

A little off-topic,but yeah,I used to have "two Trans Ams" :wink: Then I got married,and couldn't afford all my hobbies. So now I have zero. Hence,ZeroTA.
Zero what type trigger is on them?

The first looks like a STI and the second two look like Caspains?
I used to have a 10mm cbob, but no longer have it as i sold all of my 10mm's. I would like to have a .45.
Re: Zero what type trigger is on them?

Reconvic said:
The first looks like a STI and the second two look like Caspains?
:?: I don't know where DW gets their slides/frames/blanks from,but these are all Dan Wesson factory built pistols. Somewhat customized,but as far as the ATF is concerned they're Dan Wessons from Norwich,NY.
Oh,you mean the triggers!

D'oh, ZeroTA's already slippin'. :? You are right about the STI trigger in the CBOB. The other two are whatever DW used from the factory,which I heard could be Caspians or McCormick(depends what day your pistol was put together I guess). So afaik,you're right!
Dan Wesson's are my Friends

Here are some pics of my DW's

My carry gun, a 10mm CBOB, and my .45 CCO

My 10mm Pointment/Patroit Hybrid

My Guardian Duce .45

I love these guns. Can hardly wait to get my Fusion 10mm LongSlide.

Bob Serva and his guys Rock :cool:
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I agree and very sweet DW's.
Snag that is eye candy to me, I love the way they look. The triggers what type are they Caspain?
Honestly I do not know. At the time of purchase I think DW was using STI but I am no expert for sure. I think the solid trigger is a Greider like they used to use on the Razorbacks. I would love to be corrected if wrong. Geez, what a great forum. I feel like I am sitting around a table with my buddies. :wink:
That is what we are shooting for Snag. No matter how much we may grow.
Well I am very happy to feel that I may be one of the ground floor guys, whatever that means. (18/18)
Haha, we are just barely getting the floor layed.:)

Feedback is not only accepted, it's appreciated.
Hello Snagglepuss! Is the ol' COTEP flock migrating over here? Good to see you.
I figured that was you 2TA. Down to Zero? I still like the old forum but had a run in with a rude mod when I posted a Fusion photo thread. The atmosphere here is much more welcoming. Won't give up the DW forum in a minute however.
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