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Custom picture thread

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Show us any customs you may have.
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Not a full-on bare frame build,but this Pointman Major was essentially gutted and rebuilt by Marc Morganti (dude rocks).

I know,I know,I posted this over in DW but I love to show it off.

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Very nice I'd Like to show it off if it was mine to
Here is my Springfield Armory Operator, customized by Yost-Bonitz, that I won in a Louder Than Words raffle a couple of years ago. It was made before SA started shortening the Operator's rail, and left it full length with no ball cuts on the slide. Y-B shortened the rail and re-shaped the slide front to match as part of the work.

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While not a full bore custom, it's real close. This Colt 1991 ORM has had extensive work done to it including C&S fire control, Hogue stocks, S&A magwell/MSH and grip safety, Nowlin trigger, ejection port flared and lowered, mild carry bevel, polished feed ramp and hard chrome by Accurate Plating. All gun smithing work by Robert Miller.

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Very nice, I really do like a carry bevel. I have a DW CCO i am considering getting the full melt treatment for.
Barry you are lucky Yost is leaving my area and moving, At this point they are no longer making mods, only thier own pistols and almost a year backlogged.
Barry you are lucky Yost is leaving my area and moving, At this point they are no longer making mods, only thier own pistols and almost a year backlogged.
He is still in Tempe, but the shop is sorta reorganizing and changing names. Only Lew Bonitz is leaving (actually he has already left, I guess, to some land he owned in another state).
Ted Yost is still there, along with Jason Burton and Steve Bailey, who have been with Yost-Bonitz for a while.

Yes, they have stopped (or will soon) the 1* mods and said they will be concentrating on full customs.
That's too bad.
I thought the 1* series filled a gap that existed between factory guns and full customs. Turnaround time was a few months, which is really quick for what you got.
It put a custom gun in the hands of a lot of us who probably never would have got one.

Oh, the new name is Heirloom Precision. http://www.heirloomprecision.com/

I imagine the wait is pretty long now. I sent them a HiPower for their SRT package within a few weeks of winning that Operator (No, rather than satisfy my urge for a custom pistol, the quality of work I saw in the Operator only pushed me over the edge and made me get my "dream gun" made). It took a few days short of a year for that one. The backlog has only grown since then.
I still think it's worth the wait, though.
I'd send a dozen more guns to them if I had the $$$.
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Apparently Lew Bonitz will continue building 1* guns. I can't remember where I saw it but louderthanwords is down and I think it was there. Maybe I'll find it later..

edit: http://www.yost-bonitz.com/ :

For the gunsmithing services of Lew Bonitz & Tim Cronin,
including Bolt rifles, Lever Guns, Shotguns, 1* pistols, etc.
Wow, very nice! When that Ivory ages a little bit I bet it'll look even more beautiful.
Nice looking RRA. What kind of rear sight is it sporting?
Outstanding Rock River Arms you have Hobbes........

My Jim Stroh National Match Colt

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Nice clean appearance.

What work was done?
Thanks, there's a thread in "custom 1911s" titled "my custom/homebuild is done" with the full write up.
Here is a full custom built by Marc at Gemini Customs. I love the gun and the way it shoots. Everything about it is perfect. I have had it since right before Christmas and have put several hundred rounds through it.

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Cookieguy, That guy looks rad!
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