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Curious about a finish on a GSR??

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I have a chance to obtain a GSR that is 2 tone with black bottom w/stainless upper . My question is....the black finish on the frame is a glossy paint type application. Is this Nitron? I have a P220 Elite that is suppose to be Nitron and it has a flat finish to it. Would this glossy type finish hold up to duty use in and out of a holster every day?
Just curious

Thanks for any info
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Frank, are you sure that gsr has the stock finish? The reason I ask is that my nitron gsr's both have the flat type finish finish like the p220's:

Its suppose to be a like new weapon of a special run...only 1500 made...ive seen the finish on one other sig and it didnt look too stable....i may call sig and ask them. i'll post a photo this afternoon or email it to you.
thanks for the info

I'm not sure about the finish. If it is glossy it's not Nitron. Your gun looks like one of the early special runs.

Post the pics and question over on SIGforum and someone will know. There are a number of dealers there and a wealth of SIG knowledge.
The answer is ???????

Just got off the phone with SIG CS and they said it was a K-Kote finish and said it was as durable as the nitron and have the same wear properties....anyone have experience with this coating?

No experience, but if it helps Sig seems to be pretty honest with their customers. They shouldn't fill you full of hype. Only one way to test it, though, so get to it! And post a range report!
If i am correct I beleive it is Blk oxide the finish. The GSR are all stainlees and the only real finish you can put on stainless is a blk Oxide
Well I'll be

Just got off the phone with SIG CS and they said it was a K-Kote finish and said it was as durable as the nitron and have the same wear properties....anyone have experience with this coating?

I didn't think they did K-kote anymore. It can't be done in the US and I didn't think they did it anymore in Germany. I have to admit I'm rather skeptical. SIG CS is reasonably honest but not all the people are knowledgeable.
Well put SIGWOLF I have friend that really works there Ken and he tells the truth.
Only the X series are still made in Germany completely. I don't know yet about the SIG 250, but at the Shot show you can bet I will find out!
Frank, Is that one of the ones with a carbon frame? Buds had a couple from shot show that had a carbon frame with stainless slide and the finish looked a lot like that.

I'm really not for sure.....the weapon is a couple yrs old. From what I understand it is all stainless....I'm going to get the serial # and call sig back and see what lse I can find out.
Call Ken @ 1-603-772-2302 he Will find out any question you need to know.
Thanks a million

Ill try to contact him soon as I get the ser#
Looking at sending my Sig GSR to Cylinder & Slide for their Cerami-cote finish in satin black. Right now they have a seven month backorder for this. I hate the factory stainless matte finish. Plus, Sig scratched my frame badly while doing warranty work after I bought it. $309 and some change for C&S to do the job. Any other suggestions?
sonofsarge I would have them do you a trigger job and a reliability job on my pistol if you don't work on your own guns, they do great work. I buy my parts always from them
That same thought crossed my mind too. I can tinker a little, but when it comes to guns I carry, I want a pro to step in. I've heard nothing but good things about Bill and the guys at C&S.
Cylinder and Slide do great work, the parts are par to none in my opinion. I have put the ignition package in all my 1911's The parts are the only ones I have found that are truely drop in parts and are machined and polished very well.
I appreciate the help guys....would probably help if I had the weapon in hand. But it belongs to a member on another site I was thinking about trading my 220 elite sao for. Having a hard time going from 1911 to p220 and thinking of going back to 1911....Just having a hard time not knowing if the finish will hold up to duty type use without having to refinish sooner than later. Decision....decisions
thanks for the input though.
This forum ROCKS!

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