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Colt tour.

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I would like to post a link to an article OD and I wrote after we toured the Colt factory for those of yall who are interested.
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Hunter, thank you very much for posting the fantastic article on Colt. It sounds like you and Dan had some great fun visiting the grand old place. Visiting that library might just be worth the trip to Hartford in itself!

Your mentioning the old Bridgeports caused a tear to well up in my eye, as I spent many a year on those old machines. And you're quite right, they are still some of the best and most reliable milling machines ever made - and they do require a steady hand and a keen eye.

I found your writing style very comfortable to read and the detail most informative. Your pictures were just fantastic. It was such a pleasure to read, and to know that us Colt lovers are still thriving, is quite a comfort.

It is an odd coincidence that just today I spoke with an old hand behind the gun store counter about Colt. He informed me that Colt was basically shut down. That they required a $15 deposit to process any order, with payment for the firearm to be made up front and the gun would be finished in about a year.

Even after I informed him that I had recently spoke with Colt about doing some custom work on my Commander, he insisted that they were near death.

I just shook my head and asked, 'where did you ever hear such a story?' After he mumbled some reference about his boss and his dealings with Colt, I thanked him for the ammo I purchased and left the store with the knowledge that the 'gun store cowboy' is alive and well in America.

Again, thank you for the wonderful article. Maybe I should print it and show it to the 'cowboy'?:shades:

Best regards,
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Hunter thank you I am adding that to my gun Favorites bro.
Thank yall for the kind words. Dan and I had a great time in Hartford and I have made plans to go back to Colt again after the first of the year. To give credit where credit is due OD really made the difference with the article. Without his help I am not sure how it would of turned out.
I am meeting the Colt crowd at the SHOT show in February and they all have been good to me. They are making new guns everyday. The last Colt I ordered brand new (a Special Combat Government hardchromed in Super .38) took a total of two days to come in.
My gunsmith Tom Beliveau still uses a Bridgeport to gunsmith and he is a Colt man to the bone and he appreciates the way Colt still builds guns.
I enjoy writing for the ezine and hope to make it to the printed word one day.
Hunter, if and when you head back up there, please let me know?
I am heading back to Hartford about March/April as it stands now.
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