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Colt Officers ACP in progress

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I thought I would post some pics of my oacp and just explain what i have done to it.

First off the pink bag belongs to the old lady, it's not mine.
Now what I have done is drop in a rear Nowlin low rider sight. It appears to be the same height as the gi one and as a drop in you don't have to modify the frame. It fits perfectly and I am greatly impressed. you just knock the old one out, slide the small base piece into the dovetail and attach the sight to it with the screw. Really easy, appears to be well made and as I said fits perfectly. I am impressed.

I fitted an EGW melt bushing. It had to be fitted to both the barrel and slide but was nothing major. I like doing it the hard way, with sandpaper no files, so I just sanded it with sandpaper over a round dowel to make sure I kept it even until it just slid over the barrel. Then I did the same to the outside of the bushing until It fit the slide. It's not quite finger tight, but not overly wrench tight. The stock bushing had some play so in turn the barrel lock up was loose and the slide had side to side play. Now the barrel locks up tight and there's very little slide play, less than most off the shelf colts.

I got a gi style thumb safety but it would not work (the tab was too short new) so I am modifying the extended thumb safety on it into a GI type thumb safety. I still have a little more work to do that includes rounding it off some as you can tell in the pic it needs it.

I am making a "mini bobtail". Which means I am putting a bobtail housing in it to round off the butt. Not the one that's in it as it is just for a pattern, but I have another coming. It feels more like a bobtail in the hand without the "point" poking my palm.

I will probably cut in a .250 radius grip safety also, the one that's in it is an older style drop in I happened to have.

I have an EGW 1/4" guide rod, reverse plug, ismi spring, series 80 replacement bushing and greider trigger that I will be putting in when they get here. I have the trigger now but no point in detail stripping it until the bushing gets here.

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OK, I got some parts in today. I put in the trigger and series 80 replacement shim. I stoned it down to size so it would be butter smooth and also stoned the shim and other parts including the hammer and the frame in several places. The trigger is already pretty crisp, I tend to think it may have had work before. I polished up the hammer on both sides, rounded the thumb safety some where I like it and finished up the "mini bobtail". I opted for the chain link cut on it as it's not snag prone. I got the egw guide rod and reverse plug but the plug is the wrong one and they are sending the right one so it will be a few days on it. I got a stock type grip safety, with the commander hammer cut indentation, from ray parga at del valle gunsmithing. He said he found a couple more and just tossed them in so he actually sent 3. What a deal.

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I decided to go ahead and cut in a high rise beavertail, it came in today so this is what it looks like. when the egw plug comes in I will be pretty much done.

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OK, I got in the EGW plug, the correct one at least, and have it installed. The stock plug has just the tab (A) that keeps it from flying out, which you may or may not be able to make out in the pic. Wish I had a macro lens. In addition to the 1/4" flgr with paper clip capture hole and ISMI flat wound spring this one has the "collar" instead of the tab (B) that provides much more of an area, to hold it. For this one you need to file down the area of the slide, (c), the same thickness of the "collar". That way it still keeps the stock clycling distance. Pardon my preschool looking drawing.

Here is what she looks like. It's just paste cold blued and aluminum blacked right now to see how it all looks but this is pretty much what it's going to look like. I cut the guide rod a little longer than the reverse plug, since the egw bushing is thicker and also was thicker than the stock plug, because I want the guide rod to go out even with the bushing. I don't think it looks bad like that, some may disagree, but that's the point of doing it the way you want it.

Here is a better pic of the bushing and plug.

Here is a different view.

Not everyone will like what I have done, but not trying to be a smart alec I did it for me. I like it and I wanted to do it all myself. I need to clean it up, clean up the hammer a little and think about a refinish. I really want to do this myself also, so I am thinking about either duracoat or guncote over parkerized. I really am leaning toward the latter. Going that route I would do something different with the frame. Before the finish though I need to put some ammo through it and see how the sights are, if I need to get a higher front or anything.
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Jerry, I did GunKote on two of mine and they ain't bad. Its wearing some, and on a couple of corners it flaked, but otherwise its held up better than I expected. And it stays in my truck most times when I ain't carryin. I used the aerosol in the can. I will say that its all dependent on how well you prep the gun. If you are gonna do the GunKote on that commander, I would suggest to do a carry bevel treatment on it too. And after you do that, and decide if you like the sights or not, then GunKote it, or whatever treatment you like.
Yes, I will absolutely do a "mild" carry bevel before I do any refinish. I may even do a high cut on the front strap, havn't decided yet. I tossed around the idea of doing my own checkering on the front strap but I really like them without just about as good as with. From what I understand parking it and then doing gunkote over that makes a big difference, it holds a lot better. I will wait some time before doing it though to get used to the gun, put some ammo through it and make sure it's good to go.

Bud White said:
looking good i like it
Thanks Bud.

Here are before and after shots so far:

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I like it...I had not seen this thread before.
Were did you come up with the chain link cut MS Housing for your oacp? Did they have it in SS? I like the mini bobtail. Can I see about you doing that to mine? I don"t think I could do the cutting on mine myself, in fear of screwing it up.

Ft Smith
Real nice job. I have a Springfield Compact 45 made in 93 . I'v had it for a few years and its in my carry line up and a work in progress. Love the size, 4' barrel and officers frame.
Very nice Jerry!!! Also, good call on the pink bag!!!!:rofl::rofl:
I didn't want to say anything about that....:rolleyes:
The pink bag is gone along with that wife. Unfortunately so is the pistol, I miss it more.
The housing is an Ed Brown bobtail. I used one in a similar fashion when I did a Springfield 9MM EMP a couple of years ago. I would recommend the Duracoat but if you have Gunkote, it works too. The problem with any paint is that it is paint and will wear and chip. The Duracoat has held up well for me.

I'm sorry I did not see that question before but thanks for answering it Jess and yes they have them in stainless. I prefer not to do other peoples pistols and leave that to the guys that do it for a living.........like Jess here of ontarget. I'm sure he could hook you up.
Jerry, what was your impression of the sight picture that Nowlin gave you?
I'm leaning that way myself... It looks good.
Gonna upgrade one of the Combat commanders this winter since I'm snowed in!:(
I think the sight picture was fine, not as good as a novak, heinie, etc. but if you want that look without cutting the slide it's probably the only way to go. I did plan on getting a novak cut at some point though and considered it temporary. One drawback is you can't adjust it as it curves around the round top. I don't think it's a bad option though for looking good and fitting in the stock dovetail.
Thanks Jerry... So If I read your post correctly, the Nowlin doesn't adjust as much as the Novak, but looks pretty good?

Would you advise it for Everyday Carry / Competition?
Do you think is it WAY different and something I would need to get used to?

Also, if it doesn't adjust as well, did you have any issues with adjusting the 'point' of the firearm when shooting it?
In other words did you need to rely on point shooting rather than alignment of the front sight?

I'm just wondering if I should do this?
Hell I already have a box of holsters I don't use, another useless sight would fit right it!:biglaugh:
Sorry to be so nosey... I know you don't have the gun anymore... just wondering...
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The Nowlin is made to attach to the stock gi docetail cut, you can use it without cutting the frame. When you install it thougfh it cannot be adjusted. It's good for someone wanting a novak looking sight without cutting the slide.

For carry it would work fine as long as your pistol is pretty much on with the stock sight alignment. I would NOT recommend it for competition, better one that is adjustable. In fact I really recommend going with the novak, heine, etc. cut sight if you don't mind cutting the slide. It's much better. This site is just an option for one that wants a replacement that just pops in the stock cut. I think though it sounds like you would be better off getting it cut and putting novaks in.

The lwoacp actually shot pretty accurate with it after I changed the bushing and the link, before that it was bad off with the stock sights. So I really didn't have any problems and it was just for carry.

I really think you would be happier, especially competition, with one you can adjust.

You are not being nosey, ask away.:)
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Thanks Jerry,
Sounds like I need to keep looking...
I sure do like the Trijicons on my Les Baer C7. I think I'm spoiled.
I saw these a while back... HERE
I'm still not sure if the rear sight will fit the GI dovetail though... But, for under $90, it may be worth a try?

I've never been a big fan of adjustable rear sights... must be somethin' genetic?:crazy:
"Windage and elevation, Mrs Landingham... Windage and elevation..."

Thanks again!
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