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The Colt Gunsite CCO are getting hard to fine and they have gone up in price from retail. I have seen them as high as $1600.

But they have a lot of parts I like:


Series 70 firing system
Smith & Alexander metal grip safety with palm swell
Serrated flat mainspring housing
Dehorned all around
Thin rosewood grips
Gold Cup serrations on front strap
Heinie front and Novak rear sights
Short aluminum trigger with 4 – 4½ lb pull
Wilson extended safety lock
$100 coupon towards training at Gunsite
Two 8-round Wilson magazines w/metal base plate
(only with O1070CGP and O1080CGP)
McCormick hammer and sear

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Mike, Tim ...

Good looking pistols fellas.

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langloisandy, I'd like to see the pictures of your Colt too. Though I think your talking about a Colt CCO not a Colt Gunsite CCO. Am I wrong?

Mike and Tim nice looking Gunsite's. I love mine too.

Tim what was the distance of your targets in the pictures?

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15 Yards, but they were two second shots, if I recall correctly.
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