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Colt 1911 22 (Walther) Review

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Well, I ordered the Government Model but the gold Cup Trophy showed up. I'm happy because I saved the money on having to buy adjustable sights. I also like the grips better and the beavertail grip safety.

I finally got a chance to shoot it today. I had one magazine that I converted to 15 rounds and 4 standard 12 rounders with me. I'm going to make the 15 rounder a 12 again. Much easier to load that way.

Accuracy and reliability were very good. I shot 300 rounds, Two hundred rounds of Aguila Super Extra and then 100 of CCI Blazer with a hitch. I'm really liking this gun.

Trigger pull was terrible at about 9 pounds on my Lyman Digital Scale. I worked on it a little and got it down to 6.5 pounds. Big improvement but I have a Cylinder & Slide trigger kit coming to get it down to 4 - 4.5 pounds.

That front sight has to be replaced. I had a terrible time finding it, especially since I was shooting at an indoor range and the lighting isn't too good. I expected that so I ordered a fiber optic front sight from Dawson. It will be in Friday and I'll set it up.

For the price ( $339) I couldn't be happier.


The Cylinder & Slide trigger kit showed up after I got home from the range. Trigger pull is now set at 4 pounds 5 ounces. Wow it breaks so clean. I really am going to like this gun.
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Sounds nice, thanks for the report.
I have had the Gold Cup version of this pistol for several years and enjoy shooting it. It is accurate and has been trouble free until late , that the extractor is failing to pull the fired case from the chamber. That has just started .
I hope you enjoy yourself and I didn’t knower that Cylinder & Slide offered a trigger knit for it. That is very interesting, and nice to know.
Hopefully you will continue your review once that is installed
Cylinder & Slide offers the kit but you have to buy it from Brownell's. All that C&S has on their website are $180 + while this is the tactical kit and only cost me $106. You get what you pay for, for more money they promise lower trigger pulls.
I installed the C&S kit and got the trigger pull down to 5.5 pounds but had a big problem. The sear spring was too weak and I was getting hammer fall on every shot. I tried one magazine and gave up.

I ordered a new sear spring and when it comes in I'll re-install the C&S. For now I have the OEM parts, trigger pull is now 6 pounds - 7 pounds on my Lyman Digital Scale. I'm still hoping to get it down to the 4s with the C&S install.

I ran 200 more rounds through it with the OEM parts and everything went bang on the first try with no hammer fall. Groups were good at 10 yards, keeping everything inside the 10 ring of a Bianchi target, with most in the 4 inch X ring so the gun is showing potential.

More to follow:
OEM parts and new spring. Trigger is now in the 4 pound range and I'm happy. Too bad I bought the trigger kit and it doesn't seem to work. Whenever I install it I get hammer follow. B y just replacing the sear spring I was able to get the trigger pull I desire.

I did go through 5 different sear springs before I found one that hit the mark. I wanted something that I didn't have to bend just the right way with my tongue sticking to my cheek.

Now that it's working I should leave it alone but I know myself. I will be taking it apart and playing some more just to see what can be done.
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