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Christmas Style

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Christmas style

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I just thought I would post a poll to see if you guys like the christmas style or get burned out on christmas stuff.
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How could you not like it. Christmas in Christmas. Merry Christmas and don't forget it.
Just trying to give the people a voice. :)
Nice touch pistolero! :biggrin:
I think it is OUTSTANDING bro you did a great job!
I like it and just noticed Santa has a gun.
After I saw that I started looking for bad guys around the house on the right. :biggrin:
I really like it!! It adds a touch of personally to the site!!
I like it pretty cool
The 1911 in his hand was Zero's idea so I went ahead and did it. It's a colt if anyone is interested.

9 like it and nobody dislikes it so far.
I like the idea.

I don't really like the theme. Maybe if I use it I'll get used to it but it's weird being so much different than the other forums I'm on. Yes, I'm on way too many forums :biglaugh:
I like it:biggrin:
Works good for me and besides, if I had to go into some of the neighborhoods Santa goes, I'd be carrying too!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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