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Christmas look

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Does everyone like it or hate it?
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Looks great.:cool: its that time of year........
It's beginning to look alot like X-mas...:))

Love it....
Absolutely beautiful
Thanks for the comments, so far everyone seems to like it.
Looks good as long as it doesn't last all year.
Haha, don't worry I couldn't stand to face christmas all year.
Cool for christmas
Looks great...a nice change for the season.
Looks awesome!

Makes things a little brighter for the season and puts me in the mood to go buy a new handgun!!:biglaugh:
Hey, anything that put's you in the mood for a new handgun can't be bad.:wink:
I like it.
Jingle bells, jingle be... hmmm sorry.
Yeah, it looks great!:biggrin:
I really like it. It adds a personal touch to the forum in my opinion!!!
Nice touch - I like it!
It Rocks...

I like it VERY much, my desk is wrapped with Christmas lights at this moment here at work.

I LOVE Christmas time. Thanks for Christmas Cheer !!!!
Lone the Merry Christmas,and it looks great too.
Very nice. And you didn't start it before Thanksgiving. :hairpull:
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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