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I have been asked time and time again to make grip for the Para Double Stack. Well this is a heads up that the time is near!!! We will have smooth, checkered, and grips with 1" circles as well as an oval for the purpose of laser engraving your favorite image or logo. These grips will fit the P14 and P16. They are all cut for an ambi safety and have the same superior machining quality that all of our grips have. To celebrate this intro of the new product
we are going to offer a 20% discount on all items on our website. To receive the discount all you have to do is enter our website via the banner at the top of the forum home page. The offer will last for 9 days. All the grips are in stock and ready to go we just need to finish updating our website. I want to thank all of you that are current customers for your support over the past 7 years and promise all new customers the same personal service and quality that we have always offered.
I don't have a specific date for the discount offer to start but at this time I would estimate August 7 thru August 16! The following links are a little preview of what the new Para grips look like

ftp://chrislynch:[email protected]/Para_EMP_Caspian/AlumaGrips/images/1911-PS-BLK-SC-A_lrg.jpg

ftp://chrislynch:[email protected]/Para_EMP_Caspian/AlumaGrips/images/1911-PS-OG-1-A_lrg.jpg

ftp://chrislynch:[email protected]/Para_EMP_Caspian/AlumaGrips/images/1911-PS-CLR-S-A_lrg.jpg
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Very cool, as long as the price is fair I'll be ordering a pair! Thanks for producing them, hope they sell well.
Here is the link for the 20% discount good for anything on the AlumaGrips website. This will be available for about 2 weeks, so please tell all your friends and shooting partners that this offer is only good thru this forum during this timeframe. Safe shooting and thank you to everyone for their support over the past 8 years. Be sure to look at our 3 new grip styles under the product section. P14, EMP and Caspian High Cap

thanks i ordered up a couple of set's never had alumagrips before but i think i'll love them
Laser etched Para Ordnance P14, P16 & P18 grips

Just a quick note to let everyone know that GunGrips.net have stocked these grips in Smooth and checkered with an oval for laser engraving. Check out the grips at www.GunGrips.net

I've shown a couple of photos of these fine grips with our laser etched images

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thanks i ordered up a couple of set's never had alumagrips before but i think i'll love them
I have two sets and like them.:shades:
Discount has ended

Thanks to everyone that has participated in the celebration discount.
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