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By matter of introduction..

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I am 'Sarge', 'SargeMO' or 'invssgt' depending on what other forum you catch me on. I'm an old flatfoot, handgun shooter/hunter and an inveterate gun tinkerer with about 35 years of shooting & reloading behind me. The 1911 has played a recurring role in that saga. Good Lord willing, I will get a few more.

I also have a webpage which is www.thesixgunjournal.net There you will find my seldom-updated blog, which is http://sargesrollcall.blogspot.com/ as well as a page that chronicles about five years worth of tinkering with various current-production .45 autos. The 1911 page is at http://www.thesixgunjournal.net/1911articles.html for anyone interested.

I'll close by thanking my good friend OD* for pointing me to the campfire here. God bless you all and may your Holidays be bright. I think the Christmas theme here is a real nice touch, BTW. I look forward to visiting with you all in the future.
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Welcome Sarge, I think I have seen you as invssgt on xdtalk.
Yep,I've seen you around. Glad to see you here.
Welcome to the Forum
Welcome to the forum Sarge!!!
Hello Sarge...glad you found us.
Welcome aboard Sarge!
Sarge Welcome bro! We already know if you are a friend of OD's we are bound to like you.
Good to see you here, Sarge.
Welcome Sarge. Pull up a stump.
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