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Build up of a 22Kit

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Then all of a sudden it fell apart

It rides the link had a big burr on the sear and hammer and also hammer strut this is a series 80 gun

Surprisingly the barrel looks like new as does
the rest of the frame and slide

Well this will be built in a 22 kit gun for now
I have a nowlin trigger kit for it waiting on series 80 block off plate

The main spring housing will be replaced with a steel unit and Grips with something probably by VZ

It 22 kit is by advantage arms a target kit ill get a pic soon

I've been wanting a Frame to build up a 22 only and for the price of this gun i couldn't pass

sorry pics aren't the best my helper really isn't

managed to get his nose in most fo the pics or smack the tripod
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Look at all the parts

re with file one stroke there with file I fit as tightly to the frame as i could and get it to function

Its to bad ya have to fit it as it comes with a excellent finish since i had to file tops and sides . i took it out and sandblasted it

Ok here is the stock Colt Duck Butt grip safety

Look at them gaps

Here is the Wilson drop in Beavertail don't let the name fool ya it Ain't drop in Just about a hour to fit it also after this and sandblasting time to call it a night

Also sandblasted the beavertail after fitting it

gaps are a little better
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Ok more pics

Sear Hammer and Disconnector

Not shown are the TI mainspring cap and Hammer Strut

Here we have the fusion Mainspring housing

And now Ambi Safety a STI i had around i was going to use on another gun and misplaced and refound of course after i bought a different safety
Here it is finished The Grips are not going to be the ones on it i'm still waiting for my new grips Fro the Kit
Well got to shoot it today and things didn't go as well as i hoped

Wouldn't run with federals which the kit says i won't but my other kit from same company does

CCI Mini mags i had a lot of clicks no boom but second shot went off

Right now my trigger pull is about 3 1/2 pounds using a 18.5 Pound mainspring and i think that's the problem

gonna up it to 23 and go from there trigger will probably gain a pound

I did finally Fix it the top of this post is from March ..

a 23# Mainspring fixes the click but no booms..

Now though the Kit wont run as it has a extractor problems im guessing .. The Company fails to respond so much to my disappoint i still don't have a 22 kit on a 1911 frame i have a paper weight
In other words don't buy from them
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All Qaulity Produts I see I like your taste Bud. I use a custom Ruger Mark 3 with a Mark 2 bolt in it and all Volquartsen parts on the inside. I polished it all up and added also a millet 3 MOA sight on it. at 25 yards @ police l matches I can hold a 4'' group most of the time even in fasting part.If I were to convert a 1911 I would get a Marvel slide to keep my trigger the same.
Federals have the lightest primers, go change your firing pin spring
the newer Federals i got before the kit really went south worked just fine in it.... If im really trying to get the most out of a 22 i use my Model 41 Smith what a sweet shooter it is
Very nice Bud, I am stickying this one also.
I have a Ruger Mark 111 with all the insides of Volquartsen and highly polished. I changed over to a Mark 2 Bolt also.I added a Millet Reddot with a 3MOA on it and at 25yards it will shoot police L matches and win or place in the top 3 most of the time if I use Fedreal Auto Match Ammo.
My Mark II is accurate also but i wanted a 22 kit on a 1911 frame
Bud have you ever had a Marvel kit? I have had one once and decided no more .22 for me what a mistake on selling it. It worked Flawless I need to get a new one but the price has jump big time.
No but wish i had bought one instead of the Advantage Arms
I have a AA and it only shoots Mini Mags well, I hear you big time bro.
Worked great on my glock but this one has extractor issues either it wont extract or it jams feeding them .. I need to play with the extractor more
I also have a AA on my Glock -19 but that also recommends only Mini-mags ammo too, even though I have shot most everything out of her and have had no problems I have the target model, with adjustable sights. On a Glock just tweak the extractor a bit Bud.
naw this is the one from this post a 1911 .. i ran federals in my glock kit the whole time no probs but even with mini mags the kit for my 1911 wont run
You should have looked into a Marvel, I will get one again hopefully next year again.
Yes i should have.. the thing is accurate as all get out if it runs

Maybe ill try tweaking the extractor again this weekend .. i mean it wont even extract hand cycling
Nice build, I need to get me a .22 upper
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