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Bought a NIB Unertl DLX

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I bought a 1911 that has been on my list for months. The Unertl DLX has gotten some great reviews, although I've never handled one or even seen one in person. I'm taking somewhat of a chance, but from everything I've read, its one of the most solid built 1911s available with one of the tighest barrel lockups.

Unertl is an awesome optics company and offers a great 1911.

They have three models. Mine is the DLX (center), in all black.


One of their models is featured in the "Gun Digest Book of The 1911 Volume 2", which I read cover to cover (great book). The Unertl got one of the best reviews of all the guns tested and there are some real nice 1911s featured from Wilson, Nighthawk, Baer, RRA, etc.

I should have it Monday.

Has anyone handled or even seen one in person?

I'm not sure what is going on with Unertl currently, but I still wanted one.
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Not sure what is going on with them .. And never have seen one in person i look forward to the range report
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