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before on my SIG's and after

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The Sig TTT is still stock until Sat. then I will trick it all out the parts are here and I will do it Friday evening lol
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get them pics up once you get your TTT all setup.
RedMonster: I will Finish my gun on Sat. and post new pictures of the parts I replaced and the ones I installed also to show you the difference.
S/F Vic
Nice Vic, looking forward to the pic's.

A modified Series 70 now SIG TTT, with all the goodies in her
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Broke it in today

I took it out and fired 150 rounds out of her today without a hitch.
It is a tackdriver to the max. I was also shooting with my friend that
has a Wilson Bobtail Comander. I smoked him @ 30 I put 5 within 1''
and @ 75' freehand I held a 4 1/2 group. I happy happier then a pig in mud. not even 300 rounds are thru her yet either.:biggrin:
Sounds like a winner and those TTT's are downright purdy.
Very nice. I gotta get me one of them.....
Fantastic! I especially like the stainless GSR with the short trigger and USMC grips. *Drool*
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