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beaver tail question

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If I want to replace my MIM beaver tail on my Para PX745S, I need to find one designed for .250radius right?
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I take it that means i do need .250radius cut, yes?
I asked because I want to get one from Fusion, not from brownells...
And their website simply states I need .250radius cut
I understand that some - like Springfield requires .220cut. So i wanted to make sure...
All i can find which isnt much points to a .250 easiest way Call or Email Para they should tell you
You can always make Raduis bigger but not smaller
I would say contacting para would be your best bet. They have a very good response time from everything I have heard.
i did ask para.

While their response was fast, it was bit of useless reply

it was something like
"We recommend that you take your firearm to reputable gunsmith for any modification needs. judging by your zip code, EGW guns are the closest that we recommend"

Or something like that
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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