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This is from NSSF:
ATF SEEKS COMMENT ON REVISED FORM 4473 . . . ATF is seeking public comment concerning a newly revised version of Form 4473. The major change to the form is the addition of two columns for questions 11 and 12 where a purchaser would now be able to place a check mark under either yes or no, rather than writing the entire word as in previous versions. Comments on this change to the form will be accepted until June 30, 2008. All written comments submitted to ATF must include the following information in the reference line: "RE: OMB Number 1140-0020 Comments Concerning Form 4473." If you are directly affected and would like to comment on the changes, please send written correspondence to: Barbara Terrell, Firearms Enforcement Branch, 99 New York Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. 20226. NSSF will also conduct a thorough review of the proposed revisions of Form 4473 and will be submitting comments and suggestions to ATF.
You fellas that do a lot of trading might want to tell the ATF -( no, not where to go :biggrin:)- but offer some advice on improving the 4473.

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Letter sent

Here is what I sent

gottripletsNC said:
RE: OMB Number 1140-0020 Comments Concerning Form 4473

Dear Mrs. Barbara Terrell, Firearms Enforcement Branch

This letter is in reference to the newly drafted 4473. While I understand the idea of changing from words to check marks, I actually like the words better. I am a proud gun owner, and have bought a few guns in my life, and do my part to ensure firearms safety, and promote it as well. I believe firearms to be a right under the constitution but also believe it to be a large responsibility to own firearms, and even more of a responsibility to promote safe firearms practices. Thusly, I think that making it easier to fill out the form does nothing for those that already strive for safe firearms ownership. In short, my feelings are, to meet the requirements own a firearm, it doesn’t hurt to be required to spell out the word ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ This also alleviates any misunderstanding when reviewing the form. By spelling out the words, then there is no confusion as to the buyer’s intentions.
Thank you for allowing comments and concerns.

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