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Anyone else without power? (ice knocked mine out)

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The power went off yesterday (12-11-07) at about 5am. We still had no power. In fact the whole town was out (Savannah, MO)

We have about an inch off ice. Temp right now is 25 degrees. In side our house is 49. (brrrr) We stayed at my wifes grandfrathers house. He has a propane heater so we stayed warm and listened to my radio for most of the night.

This morning, the power is on here where I work. Unfortunately, the server is down so, we can't do anything anyways. But we are here.

I have quite a few pictures at home that I will post when I get power again.

For those of you that are wondering.......I had plenty of light.
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Hope you get power back soon .. we are just cold here
We missed the heavy ice as well, so no loss of power...just cold. I was in Cadillac this morning, they had 8-9 inches of snow and it was 15 degrees.
We missed the Snow to Thankfully
Not in Mesa AZ. our high was 64 and our low tonight may reach 39, that is very cold for us here.
Yeah, I saw where Iowa and Mo took it hard with that storm. Hope you and the family are OK?
Here in central IN we had 60 deg yesterday, today 35. You know what they say... stick around, it will change pretty soon!
Good luck to ya.
You guys are having a storm, get prepared to keep the family warm and secure
We are on Day 4 of no power. Most of the town has power now. The internet here at work was down so I couldn't update this thread. We are still warm and doing fine. My street has about 5 houses on it and all are out. Everyone around us has power though. So, I have a feeling we just got put further down on the priority list.
I talked to one of the guys on our street and he said that he thought that after they got the power back in our neighborhood, a transformer blew. Bummer. Yesterday I got off work early because the power company shut off their whole grid since the ice was melting off the lines.
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We got hammered her at the Lake of the Ozarks, with a lot of outages. I'm in the country and have Coop rather than Ameren UE. I was down for only 3 hours, but some here are going on their 5th. day without juice.
Snow tonight!
Here are some pics. Still no power. The pictures while I was driving was after cleanup had started. It was a bit worse that the pictures show.

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Nothing here in the Loo (yet), although we are supposed to get several inches of snow Sat-Sun. I learned my lesson last year (Nov 06) after the big ice storm we had here, and we were without power for 4 days. Bought a BIG generator and transfer switch panel. It will power 80% of the house.

Got to use it not long after that too, in January when we got hit with the second wave. Had the only house within several blocks with heat and electricity for 3 1/2 days. And boy did it feel GOOD! :biggrin:
Mam-o-man clipse, that looks seriously dangerous!
Sayyy, I remember that stuff. Moved away from it all. 'Course since then I've managed seven hurricanes but at least I stay a little warmer. Hope it clears up soon for you folks.
Maybe I have a twisted vision of art...but that is a beautiful picture.

I realize its no fun without power...but its still a beautiful picture IMO>
You should see it when the sun is out...Dazzling!
We are on day 7 of no power. :( I will say though, those line crews are working their little tails off. They are doing a great job.
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