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I bought a 24/7 Pro 45 cal a little over a year and a half ago.

for the first 300 rounds I was as tickled as could be.
The grip fit me, the recoil was managable and fast follow up shots were a cinch for me.
( I loved the Hienie Straight Eight sights)

By the 400 round count there started to be trouble in paradise.
I started having nose dive FTFs.
By the 500 rnd mark, i couldn't get thru more than two mags without a FTF.
I had 5 brand new factory mags too.
The FTFs would happen with all mags and would happen with 2 or 12 rounds in the mag and anything in between.
Tried several different brands of factory ball ammo too.

i send it back to Taurus and after a 6 week wait, i got it back.
They said they adjusted the slide and changed a mag body.
I took the gun out and didn't get thru 10 rounds before i had the same nose dive FTF.
(even with the "new improved" mag)

I traded it in as quick as i could.
I lost $80 bucks on the deal, but i was happy to be rid of it.

When the FTFs started, i searched the internet and discovered the probs I had were fairly common to the 45 cal 24/7.
I tried some of the adjustments and tips recommended by some to no avail.

The FTFs doesn't seem to plague the 9mm 24/7 and I don't know if the latest 45 cal has been modified to correct the nose dive FTFs or not


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Were they the ones Cracking the slide or was that another Taurus Model?

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Being moved to the correct section.
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