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alloy frame drawbacks and best bang for the buck

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I'm in the market for an alloy frame 1911 for daily carry.
Preferably commander length, though a FS is more than acceptable as well .
(that's what I carry now when a 1911 is on my hip)

I've pretty much ruled out the compacts and sub-compact as an option.
(my Airweight snubby fills that niche just fine)
Don't want an LDA trigger either

Obviously the virtue of alloy frame is carry weight, and that's why I want one.

So please educate me to the draw backs of alloy framed 1911s

also, money/budget constraints are always a concern with me.
having said that, i also know a .10 cent steak isn't worth a dime if it's uneatable .
So your guidance/thoughts/opinions on which "worth buying" alloy framed 1911s are the best value for the money would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I really don't think they are drawbacks although it would make no sense for a range gun. There is plenty of lip flapping on why some would not own an aluminum frame 1911 but go shoot the heck out of their sigs with aluminum frames. The fact is there are tons of old aluminum frame colts out there still and tons of aluminum frame sigs. My favorite carry is a colt lw oacp I have tightened up and customized and I did a lw xse I wish I had never sold.

I notice no difference in recoil. Then again a .45 recoil is not snappy anyway.

Oh, you can also send your aluminum frame off to mahovsky's metalife where he will nickle plate then hard chrome it. It then is harder than carbon or stainless on the rockwell scale. I had it done to the lw xse.
Can't disagree with anything Jerry said really, I wouldn't be afraid to use aluminum.
I'd have no problem with it. I can't really add to what's already been said.

Fusion can build you one ($!), or there's Colt and Kimber. That's the brands that come to mind, and I think Springfield offered them at one point and still may.
Man, my post really came out jibberish don't know what happened. Hopefully its readable now.
It was very understandable, Jerry

I don't want a Kimber
(no offense to the Kimber guys)

I missed the opportunity for an alloy frame a few months ago.

It was a brand new Springer.
Don't know what model it was.
But was full size and bi-tone color with all the common doo-dad upgrades

I checked it out cause it was on sale and had never seen a Springer like this one.
I didn't know it was alloy til I picked it up.
I thought it was kind of curious being FS and alloy frame.
But the price looked like a great one to me

Being in the thick of winter (biz is always slower) and so soon after Christmas, obviously I was too broke to pull the trigger on it then.

sale price was $649

I went back a few weeks later in hopes of it still being there.

gone.... as i figured it would be.

I need to stay under $700 OTD for it to be a realistic option

I can get a steel Colt Commander for that, but have yet to see an alloy framed Colt.

i take that back, i did see a couple at the gun show once.
They must of had some collector value to them, cause they weren't n great shape and the dude was asking big bucks for them

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One option is the sa lightweight gi champion:


CHAMPION Lightweight 4in barrel Black Parkerized Slide/Black anodized frame

This is from whittakers and them having it in stock is probably a long shot. They also show the loased champion in your range but that does not include 20.00 shipping and whatever you pay for transfer:

PX9149LP Bi-Tone Lite Weight $745.99
Thanks Jerry.

The lt wt Champion might be an option.

What's the deal with Springer's ILS system?
what would be involved if i installed a bobtail?

Yes, I believe changing out the msh will get rid of it.
is that all there is to it?

just removing the MSH and installing the Ed Brown BT?

no other internals to the ILS , just a pin to lock the MSH?

I had my Bud's Ultracompact apart once, but can't recall in detail the internals

I believe that's it cap.
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