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A strange self defense concept/theory

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For those of you who visit another 1911 forum site, you may have read this before but for those who haven't.... a guy recently told me that during a defense situtaion in his home he would use .45 Super because you can shoot through walls and it retains it's lethality and .45 ACP does not remain as lethal. That notion violates one of Jeff Cooper's rules of firearms handling of knowing your target, knowing what's behind it and being able to identify your target before you shoot. What does everyone think about that?
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I think Mr. Cooper is right :)
I really can't think of any good reason that may lend me to believe that someday I may have to shoot through a wall to defend myself or family. If I ever do find myself in a situation like that, then I hope I have plenty of ammo because I have probably been out-gunned for me to even allow myself in that situation. :)
I think for myself .45 or shotgun is just fine. I used to shot a lot of 10mm but I reloaded and toned it down a little for home defense as I did not want it going through walls.
I am afraid that I would shoot something/someone that is not a threat like a dog or a child.... I can not imagine shooting through a wall just because you hear a bump in the night......
I think the guy is an idiot...but I mean that in the nicest possible way.
That is exactly the reason I dont keep the .357 sig at the bedside. Shooting through walls on purpose should be left where it belongs, in the movies.
.45 ACP actually will go through sheetrock,and even 1/2" OSB sheeting. But doing so on purpose is foolish,at best. I'd have to be in a pretty bizarre HD situation for me to shoot through walls at someone I couldn't see.
My son's bedroom is directly across from mine so the last thing I would want to do is blow through walls. Either way I want positive ID on anything I'm engaging. I use a 1911 .45 ACP with winchester Ranger T for personal/home defense. I'm thinking about picking up a mossburg 500 with a pistol grip as well.
I'm thinking about picking up a mossburg 500 with a pistol grip as well.
I have one of those that I have had for years and I like it a lot.
45Super for home defense is too outrageous for me. One of the rules for using lethal force is YOU MUST BE IN FEAR FOR YOUR OR SOMEONE'S LIFE. Somehow, shooting thru walls doesn't justify that unless they're shooting at you thru the alls. In that case how do they know exactly where you are. Either way, I'm glad I don't live next to him! Tracy
I love my pistol grip M/B 500. Buckshot has a lot of stopping power, but shouldn't over penetrate much. I'm thinking about swithing over to a new self defense loas for my .45s too. I just can't imagine needing to shoot an unidentified taget though walls in a s/d situation.
I'm with the rest of you. I keep a Winchester 12ga pump and a Mossberg 20ga pump for home defense. Obviously, the person that said he wanted to penetrate walls, has been watching too many movies. jmho
I have seen first hand what a well placed .45 round can do, for home defense I use Ranger T .230 grain H.P it will stop any perp dead in thier tracks I feel.
When I got my CCW many, many years ago we attended a class explaining the responsibilities that come along with that license. There is NOTHING responsible about shooting through a wall or into the dark at an unidentified target. One simply MUST identify their target.

It's that type of person that can cause all of us some serious problems...
I always keep one of my spare HD mags filled with FMJ. I keep it that way in case, for some insane reason, my HP ammo suddenly stops being reliable. (I'm paranoid.) HOWEVER, if I lived alone, I may think about using that tactic. Before you write me off as crazy, think about this:

You see out your 1st story window a guy in a ski mask with an Uzi (okay, so it's an exaggeration, sue me) walk up to your front door. He starts trying to pry the hinges out with a crowbar, and when you tell him to stop he doesn't respond. Do you a) hope he goes away, b) wait 'till he gets in, then fill him full of JHP, or c) look for his feet under the door, aim 4'-5' above them, and let loose with 7+1 FMJs as not to expose yourself to his fire? I'd pick "c" every time. Close range means you won't miss, and no standard-pressure .45 ACP FMJ round will overpenatrate through a door.

Taken from the US Army handbook: "Remember: when the enemy is in range, so are you."
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A few years back a guy I knew . heard bump in night went to investagate BG fire on him missed, jumped behind wall. He fired thru wall and got him. Don't say I would never do could get you killed . Also don't hid behind a wall BG might shoot thru. He doesn't read Cooper.
I realize we all practice a lot and none of us is ever going to miss in the middle of the night with our hearts going a million miles an hour, but what IF that one shot does go astray. How many walls does it go through before it stops? Will it go as far as the next door neighbors bedroom? That was one of many questions our CCW instructor asked us. I guess in that case, I would opt for the good old 12 gauge next to the nightstand. I would think there would be nothing more bone chilling to a perp than hearing a pump being racked.
I think the guy is an idiot...but I mean that in the nicest possible way.
In the south if you put the phrase "Bless his heart" at the end or beginning of what you say about someone, you are free from slander.
He's and idiot, bless his heart.

you made your point, but with compassionate understanding do you say that, thereby its genuine concern for his well being and mean no harm.

I am on the other forum where this one started, and I say the guy is blowing smoke and trying to act bigger than he is, and really doesn't know what he is talking about.

Basically, I think he's an idiot. (NO Bless his heart on this one)
In the south if you put the phrase "Bless his heart" at the end or beginning of what you say about someone, you are free from slander.
He's and idiot, bless his heart.
I love it! :nuts:
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