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A little advice please

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Hey there guys. I have someone who wants to trade me a like new in box (100 rounds fired) Sig p220 combat with threaded barrel for my P220 Supermatch. This is the newest Combat model with the external extractor and super ergonomic (at least for my hands) slim grips. The Combat would come with everything from the factory, plus an extra magazine, thread protector for the barrel, and the factory grips plus a set of hogue rubber wraparounds w/ finger grooves.

He wants to do a straight across trade. What do you guys think? Do any of you have any experience with the p220 Combat? Thanks guys.
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I prefer the single action trigger on the supermatch, it does sound like the deal is sweetened for all you're getting. What is the purpose of the gun? If this is your range pistol I would stick with the supermatch, If you want to carry it - The combat is a good pistol. IDK if they're ALL green, I don't mind the finish myself but I prefer black.
The finish on the frame is a copperish brown in person. The gun would be a range and carry gun, which is the same for my Supermatch. I'm afraid that I will have a hard time fitting the Combat in my holster due to the extra tall sights (they are tall to clear a suppressor). Plus, the rail is a bit bigger than the regular p220 frame, but I think my holster will be fine in that respect. It is indeed a tough decision though. I wonder which model will be more of a collector type gun in the future. They are worth almost the same amount of money new.
I have shot both and own a Match 220 Elilte I would say the supermatch will be worth more. If you shoot with a can and then by all means stick to the Combat model, if you are more of a target shooter and carry for S/D go with the superrmatch.
Thanks for the reply. I'm kind of leaning towards the Combat now, maybe just to try something different. I wish I could just have both! Tough decisions indeed.

Does anyone have any experience with the combat?
I would only go with the combat if I were going to get a suppressor
Sounds like a tough call. However, if I were going to use it for CCW I would like the DA of the combat. I personally also like the fingered grips on pistols. I would probably get the combat based on that. But, if those mean nothing to you, and you aren't going to get a surpressor than I don't see that you are gaining anything. Good luck with your decision
I definitely would not be getting a suppressor any time soon, but I like the look of the extended barrel, and it's nice to have the option of a suppressor if I ever become wealthy. I still have a while to think about it. I told the guy that I would make a decision in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if the accuracy of the Combat is on par with other p220's? I know it has a chrome lined bore, and I'm not sure if that would effect accuracy or not.
I really like the combat (almost bought one a couple of times). Besides the x-5, it is the sig at the top of my list. I had a 220 SAO that I traded away. It was a good gun (shot well, sweet trigger, etc.) but I could never get that into it. It was similar enough to the 1911s in capacity but did not fit my hands nearly as well, so I traded it in on a colt and have been happy.

I don't think either one is particularly well poised to become a collector's item, but both should hold values well. I have seen combats sell a lot more quickly in stores and online than the Super match. Even though the super matches are supposed to be very accurate indeed, I think some people are hesitant to spend the extra money for the beavertail and hand selectedness for superior accuracy...unless they are primarily focusing on punching paper.

So if both will hold their value well but neither will become a particular collector's piece, I'd go with the one that you are most interested in owning, shooting, carrying now (sounds like the would be the combat for you...I know it would be for me).
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Yah, I like the trigger on the super match, and the fact that it has an ambi safety. However, my Fusion will be done soon, and the Supermatch is set up very similar to a 1911, so it might be nice to have the Combat just to have a different system. On the other hand, I'm a lefty, and Sig's decockers are not particularly lefty friendly. That being said, I doubt it would be much of an issue because I probably would not ever be decocking in the heat of a confrontation (god forbid I'm ever in that kind of situation). It would most likely be once at the beginning of the day, then if I ever were in a combat shooting situation, I would not re holster until the threat was over anyway.
I prefer the sao's and had a p220 super match:

I sold it though and it was actually hard to sell. I believe the combat would be easier to sell at a better price even though the list is better on the super match.

That being said this is my favorite sig I have ever owned, a sao:

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Keep in mind that Sig came out with a 220 Supermatch in Stainless and it is a tackdriver for sure and has the new SRT on a Elite frame. I also own a match 220 and a SAO carry as well as my Equinox all 45's and I converted the Equinox to a SRT trigger and love it more then ever.
S/F Vic
The top one on the left is a p220 elite carry and while I like the srt better than the regular da/sa I just can't warm up to the da/sa.
The bottom one I posted is one of the military overruns that is just like an elite carry sao except for wood grips which I did not like anyway. It came with 3 mags and was around 650. new.
$650 for a new sig w/ 3 mags is a sweet deal! Nice find.

I'm leaning towards "taking the plunge" and making the trade. However, I'm still not 100% sure.
There may be still some of those out there. Most places are boosting the price to 700. and over and taking one of the mags out.

Those saos are essentially elites without the wood grips.
Jerry as you know I have a carry SAO and a match and Stainless and a new full size Equinox 220, plus a carry one with the 4 parts to convert it to a SRT trigger. (The main part is a new sear lol.) My SAO carry may be my choice really because i done some trigger work on it and it breaks like glass at 3.14 LBS.

I went ahead and made the trade. I am very happy with my decision so far. I have not been able to fire the Combat model yet though. Also, as I feared, it is proving hard to find a holster for it because of the tall sights. The slim grips are extremely ergonomic and the single action trigger pull is sweet. The double action pull is a bit stiff, but it is already getting better with dry firing. I will now attempt to post some pics, as I just now started a photobucket account.








The gun came with 2 8rnd mags and 1 10rnd mag. It also came with the thread protector and a set of hogue rubber grips w/ finger grooves. I hope you enjoy the pics.
Glad you're happy with the deal.

PM sent about posting pics. :)
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