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A joke in the spirit of the Christmas season!

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Last year I went shopping for my girlfriend's Christmas gift at the last minute, as always. It was December 24th, and I was desperately searching for something to give her. Problem was, there was no place open except for this one "hole-in-the-wall" looking exotic pet shop. I was desperate, so against my better judgement I went in. Once inside I saw a bunch of animals, but the one that really caught my eye was this beautiful red and green parrot. I knew at that moment my girlfriend would love him, especially since he was the christmas colors. I asked the owner about him, and he told me the bird's name was "Chet," and that Chet was a very special bird. I asked what he meant, and he said he'd show me. He pulled a match out from his pocket, lit it, and held it near the bird's left leg.
"Silver bells, silver bells, it's Christmas time in the cityyyyyy...." the bird sang.
"Whoa!" I responded, "That's amazing!"
The owner told me that that wasn't the half of it, and held the match under Chet's right leg.
"Siiiiiilent night, hooooooooly night...." the bird sang.
After hearing this, I immediately bought the bird. The next morning, I gave the bird to my girlfriend, and she loved it, just like I knew she would. I then decided to show her what he could do. I pulled out my Zippo and held it near the bird's right leg, and he began to sing Silent night. My girlfriend was impressed, but asked if he knew any other songs. I then held the Zippo near the bird's left leg, and he sang Silver Bells, quite beautifully I might add.
"Does he know anything else?" my girlfriend asked.
She was acting really hard to please, and was getting on my nerves at this point, but I wanted my gift to please her as much as it could. Getting an idea, I held the Zippo between the birds legs, and he started to sing....
"Chet's nuuuuuuuts roasting, on an open fiiiiire...."

:tongue: :biglaugh: :tongue: :biglaugh:
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LMAO I love it I have to copy this one down lol
Awww man... I can't stop laughing. :)
Man, that one is so bad you just have to laugh...no, cry. I mean laugh....:biglaugh:
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