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A heads up

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I did hear today thru Dillon that all Factory and reloading components are going thru the roof starting Jan. So try and stock up as much as possible now. I wonder who's brainstorm this was :rolleyes:
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It probably has something to do with the LME. London Metal Exchange.
I know nothing about that but I do know I hate it. I am shooting half .45's and the rest .22 every time I hit the range now because I am trying to stock up. I need to get a 1911 in 9mm if the price on 9mm's don't go upas far as .45's are going.I go to the range on the avg 2-3 times a week, next year it may be only 2 times a week if it climbs much more.
Looks like might be a lot of 22 shooting in the future
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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