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45 super???

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was surfing and came accross this


it seems to infer you can shoot 45 super with just a few mods.

so anyone know,is it safe to shoot 45 super in my new fusion if i do the mods??

not talking a steady diet just a few hogs now and again:thinking:

just for info i have a full size 1911 fusion in stainless steel

if not bob do you make 45 supers maybe in a longslide?
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You will have no problems using 45 Super in your Fusion Pistols. The Firing pin is already set-up for higher pressure cartridges and the rest of our pistols are build to handle it. I would go up to a 22 or 24LB recoil springs and keep a look out for pressure signs on your primers and brass. But, No problem.... 45 Super Is OK. We have customers already using them.
Thanks for the good question!!:smile::smile:
thanks bob,i'm going to order some brass asap:wink:
what the round that they use 308 brass cut down to load hot .45's ???
yes except now you can buy 45 super brass and just load it hot.sounds like fun to me

You can use cut down 308 brass, but you need to ream the inside of the case for the .451 dia bullet to seat in the brass properly. Just buy 45Super brass---much easier. tracy
Free advice, I recommend installing the EGW flat bottomed firing pin stop plate along with a HD #26lb main spring then the 22lb recoil spring.

BTW, Starline plus P .45acp brass is stronger and heavier than the .45 Super, try Longshot for the full potential of .45 Super
Yup, Power Pistol & Longshot for super. Tracy

great advice was going to try power pistol to start as i have some around.i'll look into longshot.
the brass info is great.if you dont mind me asking how did you come to this conclusion??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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