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300 members!

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We're on a roll now folks! Keep telling your friends! Put a link in your sig line on other forums!

I'm glad to see every one of you that signed up,both old friends and new.
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Ok,I'll just have the party all by myself then,that's cool...
Have a Marlboro my young friend. I still think we hit 500 by the end of the year, if not by Christmas.:biglaugh:
I didn't even see this post zero, I'm with you though. Let's keep it going.

I hope so snag.
Im telling all my friends "this is da place"...:biglaugh:

a 1911 forum with FREEDOM OF SPEECH.... YES!!!!!:flag:

what a concept...:shades:
You can count on me - if my ISP will cooperate!
I would think 500 by new years with everyone off from work
I'll cruz over to the SIG Forum and put in a link if that is OK with you Bosses........K?
Go for it.
We are well armed and well educated in our hobbies. I have made many friends here and I feel at home here.
The same goes for me Vic!!! Even though many of us will never get to meet I feel that I can still call you guys and gals friends!!!!!:smile::smile:

I think that we may have some women registered!!:smile:
:thinking: 300... I'll be darned... That's pretty good!
I have to admit I rarely even check the other forums anymore. I still jump on sigforum from time to time but I check this forum almost daily now.
Daily here too.
Someone above spoke of the freedom of speech here.
That freedom is here because it is exersized w/ great responsibility.
There is no such thing as rights w/o responsibility.
When we were blessed w/ our 1st Amendment it was in a polite society.
"An armed society is a polite society" to be sure. If it is not polite then is an oppressive society.
The best example of that polite & responsible society is our Declaration of Independance.
Jefferson wrote "with manly firmness" about all our grivances but was still very polite.
Should we of this good board ever devolve into a society of rude, crude, & profane speeech then the Mods of this board will have to pick up the check reins too instead of leaving them loose & letting us work w/ only an occasional Gee & Haw.
Merry Christmas
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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