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223 primers

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I need some help from the knowledgeable. I haven't bought yet, but am starting to gather reloading supplies.

My question is: I have leftover (almost 1K) of Win small pistol primers(standard-not magnum). Can I use them for the 223? It will be a AR-15 style 223. I imagine if I use faster powders and not max loads I prob can use them, but since I've never loaded ANY rifle calibers--much less 223, I don't know what my limitations are with this caliber. Thanks in advance and any loads you want to throw at me I'll be happy to keep and possibly try when I finally get my AR. Tracy

Sorry, just realized I put this in rifles instead of reloading, Please move for me. Thanks. Tracy
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no as pistol primers are taller than rifle and you risk slamfires.. or is it they are shorter and you risk misfires or no fires from them being too deep ... sorry cant remember off top of head its one of the 2
Thanks Bud, pistol are shorter, just trying to use them up. Tracy
I had a buddy try that once and only loaded about 10 rounds. I can't remember the problem, but he ended up trading a friend his small pistol primers for small rifle primers.

Saved that to my Favs. Will keep that handy when Iput together an order. Thanks, Tracy

Tracy,i'm getting primers for 17.50 1k for my.45,.223 either win.or cci.I think the g show will be higher.Honestly i'm beating reloading components prices by far other places than the g show.
What part of NC are you in? I'll be looking to get with you when the weather breaks. Where are you finding your best deals for primers?
I got a 10K order of both primers and bullets (255 lswc'rs & WLP) in 08/06 and haven't needed to buy anything since. Tracy
Tracy,i'm in randleman nc and my primer guy is in asheboro nc.
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