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.22 Conversion Kits

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Dont' know if this is the correct forum, but, going to try it anyway.

I ordered and received an Advantage Arms 1911 Target conversion kit. I just got back from the range and I must say, I am totally impressed. Just 1 FTF and that was my fault as I was messing around with the last shell position. When I left everything alone, it worked perfectly. I also must say, a box of 525 Remington GB and range fee was less than a box of .45's. I know I am going to like this. :gun;
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I have a AA conversion kit for my Glock -19 and it works great, I also heard the Marvel makes some outstanding ones for 1911 and they have been in Bus. for many years now.
I also have a kit for my 45. Mine happens to be a Kimber and it is one of my favorite toys :biggrin:
Hope yours holds up better than mine did mine went from running fine to jams all the time and the factory has been pretty good at ignoring me to say im disgusted would be putting it mildly all it needs is a extractor
I also have an Advantage Arms Conversion kit and it has been great!!! I bought an RIA frame from Ivan and lapped them together for a perfect fit!!!

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I've got a Marvel #1 unit on my SA TGO2 frame. It's a tack driver.
Glad you have had better luck than i have automag
Bud, I did hear that some of the units were bad. I guess that I got lucky and got one that worked. I have heard from another forum that AA has reworked their kits and that they are running like they should. Mine works every time even down to the last shot hold open!!!
Last round hold open works great if i could get though a mag to get there.. i would be happy if factory would fix it but seems liek that wont happen
Last round hold open works great if i could get though a mag to get there.. i would be happy if factory would fix it but seems liek that wont happen
Hi bud
Did you get your problem fixed ? I don't own AA for a 1911 but I do have one for a Glock 17 that was giving me fits until I figured out what was wrong. It wouldn't extract the fired brass and the next round stripped out of the mag would sandwich itself between the base of the chambered brass and the breach face of the slide. At first I thought it was an extractor problem but it turned out to be the ears on the mags. I seem to remember that the AA 1911 mag lips and ears are the same design as the Glock ones. Let me know if I can help you, I posted the fix on another forum.
Picked up a Rock Island at the Tulsa gun show just for this pupose. I have ordered the STI/Marvel conversion kit. It should be here tomorrow. Hope it works good.
I have a kimber on a kimber it's a pure joy
I bought a Ciener .22 conversion unit for my mixmaster 1911 years ago,
& have never had a moments trouble with it.

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