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About 10 yrs. ago I bought 1991 (orm) and have to say at the time it was probably the cheapest (price wise) on the market but when I took it out and shot it I was amazed at how accurate and dependable this cheap .45 was. I'll be honest I'm really a lousey pistol shooter,much much better with a rifle and after selling and trading,collecting guns as a hobby for close to 40 yrs this is 1 of 3 guns that I'll never get rid of. How a fairly cheap colt can be so good compared to more expensive pistols with all the bells and whistles I cant figure out. Have any of you shot a 1991 A-1 , if so your comments would be enjoyable to read both pro and con. Thanks
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I have one, and like it. While the .45 ACP is evidently not my favorite pistol cartridge, (see my signature lines) it is a good one. The 1991-A1 is a VERY good example of a Series 80 pattern pistol. Colt does make some very good pieces.

I have a 1991A1 ORM in .45 Automatic and a 1991 NRM stainless chambered in Super .38.
Both are excellent pistols, have been flawless from day 1 and are plenty accurate.
I have tried to help folks understand that bells and whistles do not always equate to quality.
The Colt 1991 is a well built pistol and a bargain.
Yep i have one that i fitted a Comp barrel to bought it used it had 5K though it the guy kept excellent records bought it for back up in idpa

Mine is a Lew Horton Model with Adjustable sights
All the pistols I even seen from Lew Horton were always primo.
This one isn't to Fancy but is a lew horton

Beauty is as beauty does! Colt does it very well, and, in this department, has done so since 1905! 103 years (2008) of autoloading pistol manufacturing says something about the company! :cool: :flag:

I have two Series 80 enhanced Commanders (stainless and lwt) and a Seecamp DA Series 70 conversion. Am a 10mm fan and have a Delta "ultrabright", SA Omega, two S&W 10s and a Ruger Buckeye.
I have had two 1991A1 Compacts and now I have a 1991A1 Commander. They have all been very reliable. The Commander is my carry piece is and will be one of the last to go if I am ever forced to sell my guns.
The one I own I shoot the most, it’s been flawless.

I fired again at 50 yards, using the rangebag as an improvised rest. The gun shot a little high, but it immediately planted five rounds of WW/USA hardball into a 3 7/8" group. I knew then that this gun would flat shoot- and that the first 'four-round' hardball group was no fluke. If I hadn't tossed one of these to the left, this group would have been 3 1/4".

In my experience, recent-production Colt barrels always shoots this well. I have had top-name aftermarket barrels that wouldn't shoot a bit better than this stock Colt barrel did, given a .003 clearance bushing, fitted loosely in the slide. I also had a bone-stock 1991A1 Commander a few years ago, that would plant five, 230 grain Federal HydraShoks inside 3 1/2 " at 50 yards- with the factory barrel and bushing. It also ran for 3500 rounds without a single malfunction. There were no malfunctions with this gun, either.
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A 2000 model year A1

Not exactly stock anymore. :wink:

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O.D Tell me about the horse stamped on the rear of the slide;how did you get it ? Dont have one on mine but I like it, looks good.
Thanks Bronc.

I sent the pistol back to Colt last April and had them dehorn it in the same manner they did the Gunsite pistols, serrate the front strap and had them rollmark the Rampant Colt on the slide while it was there.
They will apply the Colt for $35.
OD- if I was outfitting a patrol division with 1911's, I can't think of anything i'd rather see in their holsters than what you pictured in post #12. Everything you need; nothing you don't.

Excellent example of a working 1911.
Thanks Sarge. :wink:

The old 1991A1s are some of my favorite Colt's.
I like the hammer and the msh , can't tell is the msh metal or plastic. I may add those 2 features. the trigger on mine will stay long due to my hand size. Already have your grips. Thanks

You can get the hammers at Brownells, or Barryhill Custom;
http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/productdetail.aspx?p=20761&st=EMC hammers&s=


The mainspring housing is an original Remington-Rand USGI part and is steel, you can find something similar at Smith & Alexander;

The stock's are made by Navidrex;
http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/productdetail.aspx?p=9555&st=Navidrex pistol stocks&s=
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Here is my Lew Horton 1991 ORM...

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Very nice wish my lew horton came with that finish
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