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1911 Pistol Inspection Check sheet

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M1911 Pistol Inspection Checklist​
*Disclaimer – this checklist is intended to be a general guideline and is not a substitute for an armorer’s manual or training. Some 1911’s have unique
features such as firing pin safeties or “double action†triggers. It is the users responsibility to know and understand how each part functions. The author
assumes no liability for injury or damage that occurs while using this checklist.​
Brand: __________________Model: ____________________Serial #: ________________Date: __________​
Before performing any of the inspections on this checklist, the inspector should have a working knowledge of the M1911 pistol and its
component parts. This includes how each part is supposed to function, how the parts fit together, and indicators of potential problems
that you should be looking for. If you do not have this knowledge, you should consult your gunsmith. If you wish to acquire this
knowledge, it is available for free on the internet.​

Component Pass/Fail Component Pass/Fail
I. Field Strip Exam​
3. Extractor

A. Barrel​
a. Proper fit

1. Bulged​
b. overall condition

2. Cracks at muzzle or chamber​
c. extractor tunnel

3. Longitudinal cracks​
B. Frame

4. Upper lug condition 1. Thumb Safety
5. Barrel feet condition 2. Plunger Assembly
6. Link and pin hole​
a. spring

7. Condition of Barrel Crown​
b. plungers

B. Slide​
3. Hammer pin
1. Sights/Night sights 4. Hammer Assembly
2. Serrations – condition
a. hooks-condition

3. Barrel bushing​
b. proper fit

4. Cracks​
c. hammer strut and pin

5. Barrel lugs 5. Mainspring Assembly
6. Slide stop notch​
a. Pins

7. Brass deposits (excessive)​
b. Spring

8. Extractor tension/ hook condition​
c. condition

C. Frame​
6. Grip Safety
1. Magazine catch 7. Sear Spring
2. Receiver cracks 8. Sear Pin
3. Ejector 9. Sear
4. Plunger Tube
a. hooks and condition

5. Disconnector head​
b. proper fit

6. Frame rails 10. Disconnector
7. Grips & screws 11. Magazine Catch Assembly
8. Barrel bed & vertical impact surface​
a. condition

9. Feed ramp​
b. spring

10. Slide Stop​
c. lock

D. Recoil spring assembly​
12. Trigger
1. Plug
a. correct fit

2. Guide rod​
b. wear

3. Recoil spring 13. Firing Pin Safety (if equipped)​
II. Detail Strip Exam​
a. function

A. Slide​
b. visual inspection of parts

1. Firing pin stop 14. Magazines
2. Firing pin assembly​
a. tube/lips damaged
a. Firing pin damaged/broken b. Spring correct, undamaged
b. Firing pin spring c. follower worn, cracked, broken
c. Firing pin channel

Reassembly – after the components of the detail stripped pistol have found acceptable (or replaced), and they have been
cleaned and lubed, the pistol will be reassembled. The reassembled pistol should undergo a basic function test again.​
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Good sheet Vic
Thanks Bud I hope it will be helpful to all.
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