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1911 for Duty

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I use my Springfield GSP (Gunsite Service Pistol) and have used two Kimber Pro Carries, a Colt 1991A1 as well. How about you?
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Currently carrying my Colt XSE Commander in .38 Super.
Springfield Armory TRP Tactical for uniform carry.
I currently carry (for plainclothers) a Colt Lightweight Commander XSE .45 ACP (Stainless) that has been worked over by Novak's Shop. When in uniform, I carry a Kimber Super Match II .45 ACP that has also been worked on by Novak's Shop.
Looking at carrying my Les Baer Concept VII with my Kimber CDP II as my BUG. (belly band over my vest). Still toying with the idea of which pistol to carry to be honest, Chief will let us carrying anything above 9mm. Going to start as Reserves while still active duty MP, see how I like it before I retire. Wife says I can't just be a burden on society I have to go to work, lol.
I plan on using my STI Duty One as soon as I get out of the Marine Corps in another 4 years.
Commander for plain clothes, and a Springfield Loaded for uniform duty.
Springfield Pro for duty carry. Les Baer TRS for off duty. I have a Springfield MIl-Spec 38 Super comming back from Springfield's Custom Shop that will be my primary off duty carry.
When I was with the Williamsburg, Virginia Sheriffs Office, I carried a Colt Gold Cup Elite...hey, when your life depends on it, carry the very best!
Many Moons ago I carried a Custom Colt Gold Cup on Duty and a Colt LW Commander off.
I carry my Kimber everyday.
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I carried a colt Ser.70 for 4 years and then it went to a gold cup for the other 2 years. now I carry a Kimber Pro Carry 2 as my CHL gun.

Welcome aboard Doc. Glad you found this.
thanks LT , its good to have found this great place.

SA TRP off duty. SA TRP Operator on duty. Both guns needed some work to be duty worthy, but they're good to go now. Knowing what I know now, I would've bought the SA Pro.
what kind of work did the trp need to be duty ready?
I'm a Nighthawk guy,

I have never had good luck with a Springfield. A TRP was the best Springfield I ever had, but the 20 LPI front strap was to rough for my tastes. My Nighthawk is 25 LPI and that seems about perfect to me. I have a Wilson that is 30 LPI, and that is to fine.
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I really want to carry a 1911. Several guys on my team carry them, most are also on special units though also. Mostly Kimber. I still carry a Glock because that is what I had when I got out of the academy. Stay safe guys!
Started out with a stainless Colt Series 80 Commander. After a few years, went to a Colt Series 70 Government Model. Then came a new sheriff and an obligatory Glock 22. :hairpull: Five years and a transfer out of uniforms reunited me with my Colt Gov't Model.

Recently purchased another Gov't Model to tide me over as Old Faithful is going home for an O Package.
i carry a Colt Govenement model with a good set of Wayne Novak sights and a tigger job around 6.pds total with a lot of sharp edges and corners dehorned and the pistol to feed reliability any round i put though it but other than that is was kept basic stock to a point ..in order to carry it in on partol you had to shoot master with it along with night fire course 30 rds with no hits outside the zone as it called plus go though a 10 hour training course to be allowed to carry it on partol ..with basic 2 hours inside the classroom and the rest of the time on the range

here is a basic idea i have been playing around with for a couple of months now ..basically turn the 1911 pistol into a full blown race pistol style combat pistol set up with a dawson rail system attched to the frame to mount a surefire weapon light and Cttc laser grips and a aimpoint mirco Tr-1-red dot scope mounted on the slide with useing 10.rd mags in the pistol to make it look like something like this ...


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