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1911 deer guns...

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Anybody else deer hunt with their 1911's...I have put 3 in the freezer this season with my Stinger. Its alot like bowhunting for me...I like the challenge of having to get close, within about 40 yards. I REALLY, REALLY enjoy shooting my rifles, but they are much more fun plugging coyotes and groundhogs waaaaaaaay out there. I just dont enjoy deer hunting as much when I do it with a rifle.
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I do carry mine, but primarily as a finish shot weapon if needed. Where I live I use a blackpowder rifle (shotgun zone) and to me it seems silly to blow a deer to smitherines for a finish shot with a .50 cal. I`ve never needed to, but who knows. And there is the rare occasion where I might actually get a real close shot with the 1911.:biggrin:
Be careful...handgun hunting is very ADDICTIVE...:wink:
It sure hooked me quick.
I haven't been deer hunting in years, but if I was going to hunt with the .45 ACP cartridge, it would be in my S&W 625.
I think I would have a little more versatility in load choices.
I'm not an expert by any means...but I believe any factory loaded 230 grain self defense load will cleanly take deer within 40 yards if the shooter takes their time and makes a good vital hit.
The best factory load for deer hunting with a 45 acp may be the 230 grain XTP by Hornady...its a +P load but would still do the trick even if loaded to standard pressure.
I carried my Rz-10 10mm this year first week but saw nothing

Packed my Les Baer TRS second week and took one with it normally i use a wheelie
Nothing at all wrong with wheelguns...I just thought I'd try something different...and for once it worked:biggrin:

It started out as an ammo test...but now I'm hooked. I've taken many deer with 44 mags and 357 mags, but there was something about putting meat on the table with my little 1911 that has stuck with me since it happened.

I always enjoyed the challenge of bowhunting, with the 1911 its the same challenge, just without the bow.
yep i have been heavy into handgun hunting about 10 years this is first time i tried a auto and if it wouldnt have been for the handgun i would have been deerless this year
May I assume the TRS dispatched the deer with a quick, clean kill.
Little High little forward but DRT.. Broke its back/neck Dropped and twitched so DRT or Dead Right There.

First deer i ever took with a handgun was 6 years after starting with a 44 never took one switched to a 454 i got on a super deal and took a doe and buck with in 10 mins of each other opening morning so far i have only taken 3 with handguns
Good to hear.
All 3 of mine were dead within sight (30 yards)...the last one, dropped like a rock right where he stood.
He was the one shot with the bullet I posted on here on the carry ammo thread.

May I ask what type of load you were using?
Mine was a Quick shoot as the deer never paused at all this year most were on the move

Actually it was stocked with my Carry Ammo 230 Winchester SXT.. I usually Carry Federal but local has been out 2 months
I was kicking around the idea of getting a Baer Premier II just to hunt with...but after my Stinger did such a good job, I dont think I need fullsize.
When I do get a fullsize 1911 it will be a 10mm longslide.
Les Baer Makes a Long Slide PII or Concept V 6"
Les Baer Makes a Long Slide PII or Concept V 6"
Yep...I like my Baer, and if it aint broke, dont fix it.:smile:

EDIT: he also builds guns chambered for 400 Corbon...which I have considered, but I hear alot about bottlenecks not feeding well in 1911's.
Don't waste your time with the 400 corbon been there done that
Don't waste your time with the 400 corbon been there done that
Thats what I keep hearing...must be true.
If you want a Hot 40 Got 10mm and Crank it up to the original Norma Loading it puts it around a 41 Mag .. the 10mm is fun to shoot in a 1911
I'm going to give it a shot next year with my soon to be delivered 10mm, XM-10 from Fusion.

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Don't forget about the 45SUPER. You already have 5" gov model. Doesn't take much to make it "superized":biggrin:. Tracy
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