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1911 choice issue

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OK, so I am considering a 1911 for CCW.

So far I am leaning towards a para warthog but I like the springfield champion as well and I get the longer sight radius on the springer.

So I guess my question is is the recoil going to drastically outweigh the extra capacity of the para?

I dont really want a full size, I have that option filled by my 226. I am looking for something that I can conceal easily with a t-shirt while wearing shorts.

Texas weather doesnt lend itself to CCW.
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try a bobtail mainspring

Have you thought of using a full size 1911 with a Ed Brown bobtail which conceals the back of the 1911 that sticks out and prints on some people. I will find a picture of one for you, Easy conversion to do it yourself.S/F Vic


This is from Midway and what it looks like :D
+1 What Vic said. Bobtails are the great for carry and I personally think a bobtailed full size frame is just as easy to conceal as an officers frame. Not to mention it fits my hand better and has the extra round. I have cut them in before and I plan on cutting them in on my sig 1911's. I like a commander's size for carry and really don't notice the difference in barrel length stuck into my pants.

I can't comment on the warthog or springer champion as I have not owned either and I am sure they are both good guns, but one thing is different the grip is thicker on the warthog. Some like it, but some prefer the single stack 1911 grip. It's up to you which fits you better.
Well I played around with the 1911's some more at work today and have pretty much settled on a commander size.

Now I just have to figure out if I want to go 45acp or 10mm.

I know you guys suggested the bobtails and our gunsmith was with you on that (he carries a custom bobtail he built) but I just prefer the shorter commander.

I am considering either the loaded springer in ss or one of the fusion commanders in 10mm.

I love the odd calibers that not to many shoot, I still love my .41mag, and so I think the 10mm might be up my alley.
The commander has the same size grip as the government so it can be bobtailed. The officers has the smaller sized grip.

I used to have several 10mm pistols and one of them was the Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail commander in 10mm. I absolutely love that caliber and if you reload you have a lot of flexibility. You can load it down where it's jsut over a .40 or all the way up to a great hunting round. I have Rhumatoid arthritis and I can't handle it any more like I used to, it's worse in my hands. The .45 is much easier as it's more of a push. It's even easier on bone problems than .46.

I'm wandering off though and it's a tough choice.

This is Dan Wesson't bobtailed commander:


This is a colt xse commander I had that I did the work on myself except for the Hard chroming. I cut in a Snakeskin bobtail msh, EGW thick flat carry bevel bushing and thick plug, ed brown gi guide rod, greider short trigger, series 80 replacement shim, Wilson grip safety and wilson tactical thumb safety. I think that was it. :

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I think you will be happy with the Commander size. It is what I carry also but not because of the shorter barrel as I have always felt the hardest thing to conceal on any gun is the grip as Vic and Pistolero pointed out. I carry the Commander for the weight reduction.

I have always wanted a 10mm but I can't afford to feed one :)

Good luck in whatever you choose.
Give us a call at Fusion or email Bob. I know we are going to be offering a bobtail, not sure when. Bob can tell you all that.
I will definitely give you guys a call when the holidays are over.

I think a bobtail commander in 10mm would be nice, maybe with a bull barrel . But it will have to wait untill I can pay off christmas.
There you go redmonster, good choice.

I'm hoping fusion comes up with an alloy frame bobtail commander. :wink: Predict anything like that anytime soon Dale?
If Dale does I may be one of the first to get one!!
I almost average a pistol a month lol, I am so lucky my wife doesn't mind i do stick with mostly .45ACP but have a few glocks (8 of them) Some in 9mm and .40 Cal. which won't be around long. 8)
If I were you, I'd go with a Commander Bobtail. Ed Brown probably makes the best, followed by Nighthawk, Wilson and Wesson. I personally carry a full-size, but whenever I've had the pleasure of being able to shoot or handle a bobtailed 1911 I've gotten almost giddy. I just don't really have a need for a CBOB right now, because up here in Cleveland we aren't really feeling the effects of global warming yet, but if it ever gets Texas hot up here that's the gun I'll turn to.

As for the companies you mentioned, I'd go with Springfield. Yeah, I know, the ILS has to be changed out, and that's a hassle, and time is money, and blah blah blah. I just think you'd be getting a better quality gun with Springfield. That's just my experience, though, and I've seen Para Hawgs make a lot of people really happy. I just like SA.
So I am getting a para-ordinance commander.

Reason for this choice is I can get it though work for $415 nib. I will have our gunsmith take care of the 80 series safety and fit the sights I want to it. After that I will be sending it out to Fusion (hopefully) to get the frame bobtailed and a good bull barrel installed.

I will get actual pics of mine up as soon as I get it in.
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Dan Wesson also makes a great bobbed commander size 1911.
I have a Kimber Tactical Pro I carry concealed. The 1911 is a great option for concealed carry. The only issue I've ever had is because I conceal in the front and the beaver tail jabs into me when I sit down.
That's a great price on a Para. I wouldn't go any further in my search. You did good.
I agree with the others, the Commander size is the smallest I go for carry. The officers size is too small for my meat hooks. I've tried a mouse gun and I seem to fumble with it to get a decent grip. Commanders or Gov't for me.:biggrin:
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