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What do you think is gonna happen next year? Good year? Bad year? Doesn't even have to be gun-related. I'll make a few predictions...

1: A Republican wins the Presidential election,barely.

2:But with a Democrat-controlled Congress,we just get more of the same depressing BS.

3: More goth/emo kids shoot people in Gun-Free Kill Zones. Liberal states call for more gun control,but a few states will explore legislation to expand CCW to allow concealed carry almost anywhere.

4:Some good citizens don't wait for legislation and do it anyway.

5:Ammo prices,both factory ammo and reloading components,keep going up but not as much as they did in '07.

6:Joe Horn is no-billed. Nothing happens,but we discuss it for the rest of the year.

7:Chicago Cubs do not win the World Series.

8:ZeroTA rescues a plane full of bikini models from Islamic hijackers.

Overall,a pretty good year.

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Whoa Dude, those are heavy...

More thought needed.

I am afraid we get a no "nuggets" RINO for the Republican side...

As Yoda would say, "Cloudy is the future, uncertain, hard to see"...

I do know the second amendment is going to need to be applied in the coming decade if we are to keep our freedom...

I hope for the best, prepare for the worst...

Everyone here needs to see the movie "Border"

It will change your life... that ONE movie...

May God bless America... :flag:

I'd bet that we will see our first Mormon president in '08. Also, I bet that congress will balance out (back to the way it was in '05) soon enough. Other than that, just exactly what ZTA said.

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Everything that TA said, but as bad as I hate to say it, I think its gonna be Billary Clinton for president. :crap:

I guess its really all up to who wins their respective primaries.

I think gas prices are going over 4 bucks for regular by summer. :hairpull:

I'm pretty sure that I am going to carry my piece just about EVERYWHERE I go.

I foresee that the Supreme Court will side on our side. I think their position will be that the right belongs to us as a militia collectively, meaning we as citizens are a militia, but do follow the "well-regulated militia" part of the second amendment, meaning the government has the right to regulate how many, and what type of weapons we may own, and where. I think that they will say that its ok to own handguns in DC, but carrying them at all, in any way shape or form etc, be illegal.
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