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  1. Fusion Firearms
    Moving “off-the-bench” today we will have this super carry pistol, a Fusion Firearms custom shop build, N-Comm carry. Which is our commander frame with Officers Slide option. This one in our Black-Shield Nitro Melonite finish on frame and slide, with Brushed stainless small accent parts. Other...
  2. Fusion Firearms
    Let us brighten today up with some Fusion Firearms 1911 Eye-candy. From Bob’s 1911 Bench, Direct off the bench, Here is a Super Example of one of our 1911 Freedom Series 1911 Riptide Model, carry commanders that has been upgraded in our custom shop. Some of the new features: Vent lightening cuts...
  3. Fusion Firearms
    From your requests: Fusion Firearms C-Class 1911 Frame, New production complete and ready to ship… Fusion Firearms 1911 Frame, C-Class | Fusion Firearms
  4. Fusion Firearms
    More Awesome reviews from our Fusion Firearms customer base on the New Fusion Freedom Series “Riptide Edition” 1911 pistols!!.... thanks again for all those who have been writing in and doing range reports on this Premium and very Economically priced 1911 pistol line-up!! I thank you all for the...
  5. Fusion Firearms
    For today’s Fusion Firearms 1911 Eye-candy lets go with one of our Pro-Series Fusion Custom Shop, 6 inch Long-Slide Hunter models in 10mm. Dressed in our satin HD hard Chrome Finish. This Super 1911 pistol is hand built, with our Fusion “UMG” Ultra-Match-Grade ramped barrel, Fusion “UMG” trigger...
  6. Fusion Firearms
    It has been very difficult to find high quality GI grip safeties in the market place…. You asked and Fusion Delivered again….>>> NEW at Fusion Firearms>>>> Super High quality Mil spec style Grip safeties, Now machined 100% from Bar-stock. >>>1911 Colt GI Style Bar-Stock Grip Safety, Mil Spec -...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, My name is John Born: 1956 Guns: Colt 1911 5" and Glock 43 Any questions? :D
1-7 of 7 Results