love my Split nose bullet design

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    if it breaks apart too early in the target, at any give velocity, all I have to do is make the slit less deep towards the base. Presto, problem fixed. :) two wound tracks for one hit, and the segments tumble thru the target, full length bullet frags, made of harder bullet material (ie, copper or aluminum) so that they can be lighter than normal bullets, giving greater barricade penetration, be AP, get astounding velocities ( 2200+ fps, as high as 2600 fps in certain cases) with the resultant rifle softpoint type shock and destruction, far beyond what normal handgun jhp's can deliever. this is provable on animals. I am not trying to sell anything, so you make your own and do your own testing. Biut if you "think" that 230 grs at 800 fps is where it's at, you're in for a very severe shock. :)

    once you know to spin a metal rod in a drill, adjusting teh diameter and shape of the bullet with a dremel grinder or file, you can have whatever sort of bullet you wish. If you have access to a MAPP or oxyacetylene torch (dont use the O2, it's too hot) you can melt the lead out of fmj or jhp bullets, replace it with epoxy, and have ready made 60 gr .45 bullets, which you can drive to 30-30 rifle speeds if you wish. true, they don't penetrate much, but they will show you what speeds can be had with a .45 (safely) with a lot less work than shaping bullets with a drill and a file. :) then you'll get inspired to try the huge holllowbase cavity in the solid aluminum rod sort of bullet, with the increased powder space and velocity that can be had that way. It's pretty intriguing, zeroing a .45 at 150 yds and being able to handle 200 yd shots with it. :)

    if you cast the 160 gr swc mold, using "non lead" solder (95% tin, 5% antimony) the bullet weighs about 105 grs. Hollowpoint it and hollowbase it, and you''ll have an 80 gr bullet that you can drive to 2400 fps. much less work than the aluminum rod deal, and much deeper penetration than the epoxy bullet. it will show you some amazing performance that can be had with a gun and load that is ccw capable and 5-6 hit per second capable too. Unlike the clunker 44 mag and its typical ammo
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