Fusion 1911 Bench – A Before & After, Colt Gold Cup Rebuild

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    Here are the “After” pictures of the Colt Gold Cup Rebuild started a few weeks ago. This pistol was showing your typical wear from the range and the customer wanted to transform this into something different that a standard Gold Cup configuration. He made some pretty “non-traditional” changes to a classic 1911 base. Going with a bull barrel set-up, using one of our new “UMG” Ultra Match Grade Fusion Barrels and Fusion full-profile, reverse plug set-up. Than had us machine the frame to get rid of the GI grip safety and fit a .250R beavertail. Also, new trigger group, S&A Mag-well, New Fusion Fiber optic front sight, New Fusion bar-stock Ambi safety, Action job and reliability job. Then refinished in our black-shield Nitro Melonite and stock with some of our Fusion Firearms “Hand-Select” white cocobolo mag-well grips. A super finish to a non-traditional rebuild, crafting our customer’s ideas into steel!! >>>>>>>>>>>fusionfirearms.com

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